A Regular Day With a Twist

While I have most definitely been in the sub mindset, today was the first day that I received an email with instructions from Teacher. He requested I get to work on time. This is a ongoing problem for me. See, I have ADHD so I'll be putting on my clothes and the next thing I know I'm organizing my lipsticks. Not to mention I currently dislike my job and have ongoing love affair with the sandman.

Problem was, I was already cutting it close when I actually read the email from Teacher. Instead of saying "fuck it," like I normally would, I busted a move. I was still late, but I'm going to work on it. (ack my foot is asleep, this is not a good pain. anyone out there have a "pins & needles" fetish?)

He requested I think of him while I get dressed. For that, I had to laugh. I think of him all day long, more than he may even know. He has permeated every facet of my life.

None of these are hardcore, and I know it is only the beginning, but it made me think how people assume D/s is such a dark thing, when actually I am getting support for things I need to improve on. Teacher is essence giving me the kick in the ass that I sorely need. I'd prefer he'd whip my ass, but you guys know what I mean.

Also today was the day I was to start eating healthy again. For the most part it wasn't too hard. I'm not going into the all the details , this is not a diet blog. I did have two slip ups. Someone dropped off some handcrafted chocolates and caramels right near my cubicle. Fuckers. I stared at them for a long time. I love chocolate, but caramel is downfall--fat, sweet with a tad of salt. I grabbed on, unwrapped it, took a bite and then thought of how Teacher would be disappointed in me for being so weak so soon in the day. I spit it out. BUT, I did slip up again. This time with the chocolate. It was only one piece. We'll see what he says when he reads this. Ultimately not only am I disrespecting him, but I'm disrespecting my health if I continue to eat like Homer Simpson.

What was the most beautiful thing in this very brief email from him was that he told me I was "precious" to him. He showed me that in many ways the past couple days from fixing some plumbing in my apartment to giving me some professional cooking equipment to just sitting with me while I watched "Office Space" for the 100th time. Not to mention there is nothing sexier to me than a man fixing stuff. One of my long-time fantasies has always revolved around a "Mr. Fixit" who I thank by giving them a blow-job.

Speaking of "Office Space" I will report back when I make the "O Face"