No Muff Too Tuff

I had someone use the oddest pickup line on me Friday night, I just have to share:
"Wow, you're really sexy."
"Thank you," I said as I waited for my drink so I could escape.
"Do you have a hairy pussy?"
"Excuse me?"
"Do you have a *hairy pussy? I love hairy pussies, but no one has one anymore."
I almost choked on my beer.
"Sorry, that is not information for you to know," I laughed and returned to my friends.
A few minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was the muff lover.
"Hey, I really want to apologize, I know that was obnoxious, but you are so pretty and I just couldn't control myself."
"Apology accepted." I said to the guy with TwatTourette's. We spoke a few moments about how totally shaved twat is played out, as least as far is porn is concerned. I suggested he get shoe mirrors. Thankfully, the band started playing, I went to watch, and my admirer disappeared into the crowd.

*The actual answer is sometimes.

Addendum: Teacher wasn't to thrilled when I told him about this today. He said he's going to give me some of his business cards and next time someone says something like that to me, that I should give them one of his cards and have them call him to ask him. That's the type of shit that makes me adore him more.