Fit To Be Tied

Teacher & I got to a late start last night due to various social engagements. So when he came over sans "case o' pain" I figured we'd just be hanging out. We laid around for a bit chit-chatting on my bed.

I was wearing a cute spaghetti strapped floral nightie and some totally not matching panties.

As much as I love lingerie, I don't own much. Being one to attach a lot of emotion to objects, I've disposed of piles of various silky negligees when I discarded or was discarded by previous boyfriends and lovers.

Somewhere along the line, our conversation waned and Teacher sat up. He reached into the pocket of his jeans and retrieved a long strand of rope. My eyes lit up.

"Put your hands out."

I did.

With my wrists bound together I instinctively became quiet. Teacher put my feet over his lap and tied my ankles together, and I just lavished in the ritual of the rope being twined 'round and 'round. Not sure why, but I closed my eyes. In retrospect I am guessing it was so I could focus. Having ADHD can be a challenge in these situations. I have to make a concerted effort to stay on task.

But, I then realized the way I was tied up, there was no way for my nightgown to come off. Focus be damned!

"Teacher, you won't be able to take of my nightgown."

"Well you know X, if this were going to be a really erotic scene, I'd normally just cut open your nightgown, but I think I can manage with it on," and he worked his way up my gown to my breasts. I thought it out for minute. I was not going to be jipped in the eroticism department, lone nightie or not.

"You can do it Teacher," I giggled, "As long as there is a box from Victoria's Secret for me in the future, this in my only nightie."

The room fell silent. Maybe I fucked up by requesting a present. After all I am the sub, I should not be bargaining. I laid on my bed straight out with my arms stretched above my head and my feet toward teacher. He removed his hand from my under my nightgown.

Click. I heard his knife pop open. My eyes were still closed but I could imagine what he was doing. I felt him hover over my body. With the tip of the knife, he outlined either side of my face with the cool blade. My breathing started to deepen. The blade traced over my lips, down my chin to my neck where Teacher laid the blade at my throat for a few minutes. I knew I could trust teacher, but there was that sick little part of me that wanted him to slip.

The knife was removed from my throat, and I was pulled up by a strap of my gown. Teacher inserted the blade under either strap and ripped them from the bodice exposing my breasts to the cool air of my drafty bedroom. Aroused, I felt nipples stiffen and the juices starting to pool inside my cunt. Teacher continued to trail down my body with his knife, pausing in between to suck on my tits. Knowing he had the knife in his hand, I did not squirm, but instead stayed stiff as possible.

As the knife approached my lower belly, I tried my damnedest not to gasp. With the tip he pried the top of my panties down, exposing just a bit of my mound to the darkness. The blade was worked underneath and the left side of my panties were shredded apart with a swift cut of the knife, and then ripped off by Teacher. I felt utterly vulnerable laying there exposed knowing he had a tool of death in his hands. As I have previously mentioned Teacher has been trained via the powers that be do much damage with much less. Anything could be an instrument of death in his grip.

I expected the knife to be laid down at this juncture, that was not the case. He pulled my left labia, the one that likes to peek out from the rest of the crowd, taut. I felt the serrations glide across my tender vaginal skin, and while this was happening I felt the muscles within my pussy begin to pulse, retract up and down like a second heartbeat. From my loose labia, the blade went back up and hovered over my clitoris which was now engorged, longing to be touched. Up and over around the hood went the knife, and then back down to pry my lips apart revealing my moist hole. While this was occurring I was no longer scared. The sick little voice that spoke to me earlier would have probably would have agreed to have the knife plunged inside of me. This, of course, and I am now glad, did not happen.

I heard Teacher lay the knife on my nightstand and then he pulled me back up to give me a kiss only a man so aroused could give. My tied ankles were pushed up over my head, and his extremely hard cock was inserted only into the entrance of my cunt. Oh he was teasing me. He knows how much I savor the initial thrust. With shallow stokes he tortured me and I kept attempting to scootch forward so he'd go further in. Finally he let me have it with one hard slam. Aghhhhh! Then he pulled out! I was rolled over to my side and with his outstretch palm he beat my ass until I only wanted more, and then stopped and once again fucked me hard with my tied hands over his head around his neck and my legs towards the sky, and my face being smothered my own breasts. He came inside me. I don't let just anyone do this. It is such a beautiful thing to feel his cock release inside me as he groans and grunts in my ears.

Teacher, not being a selfish lover, rolled me back over and using the load that was seeping down my legs as lube he massaged my clit until I was a spastic mess, unable to move my legs as I had wished and curled up into his arms.

Sated, I once again felt safe tied up next to him and as times before I longed to never be let free.

Today when I woke up, I opened my toy box and look at the ropes he had left. They were My ropes, never to touch the skin of some stupid bitch. I smiled, shut the box and went back to sleep


Curvaceous Dee said...

Delicious post - blade play always makes me very wet, and reading about it is no exception!

xx Dee

DL's toy said...

Oooohhh! That is lovely! i think that i will be leaving a little damp spot on the seat below me here. It's a good thing i'm home. Knife play (for me) is SO hot, and something my Owner have never done. You made me long for it. It sounds like this was absolutely amazing.

i'm so glad to have met another interesting blogger. Thanks for saying hi. i'm loving your stuff.

DL's toy