Back To School

When I opened the door last night for Teacher, I had already decided that for once I was going to quell my jovial, bubbly self and be quiet. My goal was not only to let Teacher know I was serious about my lesson, but to also to get myself in the proper headspace. We quickly kissed. He stopped, looked into my eyes, and then grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me toward my bedroom.

As he unpacked his equipment I sat quietly, and listened when he spoke. He showed me the spreader bar he had crafted in his workshop, as well as a rattan cane. From my perch on the bed, I could see into his case, there on the bottom of he belongings was a shitload of rope.As Teacher pulled the length of the rope out, he said "So you want to learn about breast bondage my dear?"

I nodded. My shirt was removed. Already sans bra, I was ready to put myself into Teacher's hands.

As he coiled the rope around the back of my neck and circling each tit, I caught myself doing the deep breathing I learned during a brief stint of quitting smoking. For the first time since I've begun the lessons, I finally didn't feel ultra terrified. Sure, I still had that anticipatory nervousness, but not the sheer terror and panic of the unknown.

Round and round the rope went, and with each rotation I watched by breasts evolve into perfectly round orbs. It was like squeezing a balloon so all the air went to one side. Curious, I touched my nipples and immediately shuddered.They were more sensitive than ever. I scratched Teacher's back as he fashioned the rope into what I deemed rope halter top.

As the final knots were in place, Teacher brought out two clothespins.
"Let's see how sensitive your tits are," he said applying one to either nipple. I howled. He brought my face towards his and deeply kissed me, and the pain subsided.

"OK, so as needed, I am going to teach you how to bow and present yourself. Go kneel on the floor." I have hardwood floors, which are never comfy and always dusty. I obliged. I was instructed on the ways of presenting myself to him both in the kneeling and standing position. "Now open your mouth, but do not look at me," he instructed while I was kneeling. Out of my peripheral vision I saw his hard cock emerge. "See your mouth is to always be ready for cock." And it was. My hands still at my side as instructed, he fucked my face, as I managed to maneuver my tongue and keep my balance. I only wanted all of him at that point and I did my damnedest to show him I did. The clothespins on tits grazed against his thighs as he thrust, but just as I got a taste of some pre-cum, his cock was pulled out of my mouth. Talk about torturing a cumwhore who likes a hot load of jizz in throat!

"Go stand there facing the wall with your hands up and your legs spread apart!" No argument there, as I knew I was either going to be spanked or fucked, or both. I instinctively pushed my tushy out for the taking.

First it was the rattan cane. I have never been caned before, and my immediate reaction was "ah, this ain't nothing" and then my second reaction was "holyfuckinggod ohshit this fucking hurts like a motherfucker" and I cried into the wall as the blows fell upon my ass. The next spanking was with my friend, 1x6. Each time I was spanked, I squirmed but stuck my ass out for more. I was digging it, and I was going to take it like the sub to which I aspire to be. Just because I'm submissive, does not mean I'm a pussy, but I will note I am not going to be a big shot either. I'm still learning my limits, that is for sure.

"That ass is looking nice and red," I heard Teacher say as he started to probe my pussy with his fingers. My arms are still against the wall. It never crossed my mind that when I decided to delve into this world, that I was going to have to train my normally ungraceful self to balance. I am no ballerina.

"Get back on the bed!" First the spreader bar was attached to my ankles. The shackles that attached me to the bar made a nice metallic sound that reminded me of the filthiness in which I was participating. Next, I stuck my hands out for Teacher, I had them almost laying on top of one another. Rope was run around them to tie them together in front of me. When I pushed my arms up, my ears were blocked from noise, so I didn't hear Teacher go into his bag for the blindfold, black leather and fur on the inside. I love this particular blindfold. It fits me perfectly and not one iota of light can seep through--total blackness.I was ready for action, when Teacher said, "Open wide!"
The gag. As my last time with the ball gag, I did feel a bit panicy, but I opened my lips willingly and let him place the rubber ball in my mouth and tie the string behind my head. Teacher pushed the hair out of my eyes and kissed me delicately all over my face and neck, outlining my lips that encased the ball with his fingers. I heard him walk away, and when he came back I heard the whirl of a vibrator. Tormenting my clit with the vibe, I was a total mess as I've mentioned before, my general inclination is to close my legs when I need to get off. The spreader bar served it's purpose and frustrated me to no end as I felt an orgasm well up in my now very wet cunt.

From that moment on it is a big orgasmic blur of being fucked, spanked, and fucked, and cumming and cumming again. The clack of the shackles on the spreader bars made a nice musical accompaniment to my muffled moans, and Teacher;s groans.

It is hard to explain, but while I've never been uncomfortable about being naked with a man, and love to fuck with the lights on, it was still a whole new ball game for me (no pun intended) to be bound as such, and not being able to maneuver myself to ensure maximum sexiness, obscure what I hate. There I was, laying there and I felt so fucking beautiful, so happy. I was his fuckdoll, his toy to play with how ever he chose. He chose me.

When my gag was removed, I spit out a big piece of the rubber I had gnawed off. "Do you want me to untie your hands?" Teacher inquired after I had laid on his belly for a few moments catching my breath. "No." I snuggled up to him, at that moment I never wanted to be untied. Ever.

Yes, your nouveau sub was blindfolded, spanked, fucked, gagged, shackled, tied up from the floor up and very, very, very, happy!


Purple Angel said...

Ok I have to admit this was one turn on from beginning to end. I am not sure I am willing to try all that you are but you told the story of your experience so very well. Thanks for sharing so totally and openly.
Purple Angel

Curvaceous Dee said...

Sounds like you had a marvellous time!

xx Dee

Sub Nouveau said...

thank you ladies!
Purple, knowing I turned you on makes me feel good as then I know I've done a good job as a blogger!

dee, yes, oh yes!

sub lyn said...

Is it hot in here?

That all sounds utterly delicious!